CERNATA Solvent Resistant Degreasing Wipes 42cm x 38cm Case 400

£36.00 (inc Vat)


SOLVEK is the ideal wipe for use in solvent wiping- with very low extractables and non static properties, makes it the perfect wipe for the removal of grease and surface residue prior to painting and coating. The unique open coarse structure ensures that contaminants are trapped and contained and not pushed around the surface. Silicone free, avoids the contamination of surfaces and can be used even with the most aggressive solvents. Uses include pre-paint solvent wiping, removal of UBC and paint overspray cleaning and degreasing of surfaces. Sheet Size: 42x38cm 8 Packs x 50 wipes per case. Case Qty: 400 1/4 Fold solvent wipes. 

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