CERNATA Solvent Wiping Roll Boxed 350 Sheet 38x30cm

£26.39 (inc Vat)


CERNATA Solvent wiping rolls can be used with solvents and other cleaning liquids to clean and degrease automotive panels and other surfaces quickly and effectively. They can be used safely on stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, plastics, enamel and glass. The high level of entanglement ensures the material is lint free with super strength containing no silicone or binders to contaminate surfaces. Use with solvent, water based degreasers or panel wipe for cleaning . High solvent absorption capacity that will give perfect results. Supplied in a centrefeed Box Dispenser for ease of use. Sheet Size 38 x 30cm. Case Qty: 1 Boxed Roll x 350 Sheets. 

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