CERNATA® Multicell Lint Free Wipes 30x30cms Pack of 100

£45.60 (inc Vat)


CERNATA™ Multicell lint free wipes are designed for areas or surfaces where there can be no fibre or particles whatsoever. Any form of contamination is trapped in quilted pockets between the two layers of specially designed fabric. With a Class 10 cleanroom classification (ISO Class 4)  and ultrasonic laser cut edges, they are the most highest specification wipe available for critical cleaning purposes. Made from continuous fibre polyester , they are super soft and completely non abrasive, tear resistant and very absorbent. Use for sensitive cleaning operations, automotive paint applications, cleaning interior surfaces of process tools and other equipment, product wipe down, or where ever superior quality is required. ISO Class 4 cleanroom manufactured and packed. Sheet Size: 30 x 30cms. Case Qty: 1 Pack x 100 Wipes 

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