CERTEKô Non-Linting Wiping Roll 30x38cm White

£29.99 (inc Vat)


CERTEK™ is a Premium, exceptionally clean lint free wiping roll that will not tear or shred fibre. It is manufactured using hydro-entanglement - making a wipe that is extremely strong and robust .This precision wipe will resist solvents and chemicals and will not break down when used with them. Capable of cleaning virtually any surface ,this lint free wiping roll has a perfect solid colour so dirt and soils can be seen easily. Safe to use with MEK1 , isopropyl alcohol, solvents and other cleaning agents. Ideal for auto & aerospace ,industrial , food preparation, high tech, lab , print,body shops, Marine, car repairers and spray painting.1 Roll x 400 Sheets LINT FREE Food contact and Aerospace Approved. 

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