Polyester Cleanroom Wipes (Class 10) 9x9`` Pack of 150

£38.40 (inc Vat)


CERNATA Polyester cleanroom wipes are the highest quality cleanroom wipes and completly lint and fibre free. Sealed edge wipes made from 100% Continuous filament knit polyester. Each wipe is ultrasonic laser cut , super soft, durable and engineered tear resistant. These ISO Class 4 cleanroom polyester wipes are perfect for critical cleaning tasks. ISO 4 (Class 10) cleanroom wipes standard. Laundered by 17m of ultra pure DI Water to remove any impurities. Designed for cleanroom wiping -large format UV digital printing -aerospace - optical and electronic industries,TFT LCD,Discs and medical facilities. Also know as class 10 polyester wipes or laser cut wipes Sheet Size: 9x9`` (25x25cms) Case Qty: 1 Pack x 150 Wipes 

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