CERNATA™ Multicell 2 Ply Quilted Polyester Wipes

£45.60 (inc Vat)


CERNATA™ Multicell wipes are one of the most absorbent, clean, lint free wipes available. Lamination of two layers of fabric allows the final product to have twice the sorbent capacity of traditional polyester wipes. Liquid spills are quickly absorbed and `locked` into pockets created by the quilting process. These Class 10 cleanroom wipes are made from continuous fibre polyester. All 4 edges are ultrasonic laser cut for fiber & particle retention. The specially designed microcells prevent scratches and swirl marks. Ideal for wiping critical surfaces of automotive paint applications,Cleanrooms, OEM Manufacturing plants ,process tools & equipment. ISO Class 4 (Class 10) Cleanroom manufactured and packed. Sheet Size: 12x12`` (30 x 30cm) Case Qty: 1 Pack of 100 Wipes 

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