HYGIMAX™ Heavy Duty Workshop Wipes 100 SHT TUB 28x28cms

£10.79 (inc Vat)


Premium branded work shop wipes for removing oil, inks, grease and grime from hands, tools, and machinery. These industrial wet wipes dispense one at a time from the tub reducing waste and promoting hygiene. The special formula will gently but efficiently break down and dissolve stubborn dirt and grime. While the wipe will effectively retain contamination and will prevent re-soiling of the hands or surface. Genuine waterless industrial hand wipes with no need to rinse after use.. Removes PUR instant grab adhesives, ink, oil,paint,sealants and tar from hands and surfaces. Ideal for manufacturing, engineering, printers, maintenance, transport and service industries. Also known as workshop wipes or wet hand wipes.Unit of Sale: 1 Tub x 100 Sheets. 

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