CERNATA™ Multicell 2 Ply Quilted Polyester Wipes

£45.60 (inc Vat)


CERNATA™ Multicell wipes are one of the most absorbent clean wipes available. These Class 10 cleanroom wipes are made from continuous fibre polyester. Each wipe has a Unique quilting pattern for optimum contamination & liquid holding capacity. All 4 edges are  laser cut and sealed by ultrasonic laser for fiber & particle retention. Ideal for wiping critical surfaces of process tools & equipment. For use where superior sorbency is required. Designed for Auto paint applications, OEM manufacturers, Life sciences, precision engineering and medical. Class 10 Manufactured (ISO Class 4) Unit of sale : 30cm x 30cms 100 wipes per pack. Lint and Fibre Free. 

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