CERNATA® Microdenier Wipes Class 1 Cleanroom 25x25cms

£50.40 (inc Vat)


CERNATA Sealed edge Microdenier wipes are engineered for the most critical cleanroom applications. Each wipe is antistatic and produces no electrostatic discharge. These ISO Class 3 microdenier cleanroom wipes are 4 edge laser cut and sealed. With ultra fine structure of its fabric the wipe provides wide contact to wiped surface thus removing contaminents easily and efficiently Grease, dust and bacteria are easily removed from surfaces. The special microcells prevent surfaces being scratched or damaged.  Designed for cleaning PCB, optics and lenses, semi conductor, LCD, electronics, mirror surfaces, displays and other life sciences. Also know as micro denier sealed wipes.  Sheet size: 9X9`` (25x25cm). Pack Qty: 150 Sealed Wipes per pack.