CERNATA® Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes ISO4 10x10cm Pack of 300

£26.39 (inc Vat)


CERNATA™ Critical Wipes 4x4 are a specially designed lint free wipes for smaller applications. 100% Polyester, these ISO class 4 cleanroom wipes are 4 edge Laser cut and sealed to eliminate lint and fibre contamination.. These very soft, delicate lint free wipes will not scratch, leaving no fibres or contamination. Prefered alternative to using `lolly pop` Swabs for cleaning. Manufactured and packed in ISO class 4 cleanroom. Ideal for cleaning print heads, OEM Manufacturing and wiping small surfaces in critical areas. Also known as polyester cleanroom wipes. Sheet Size: 4x4`` Case Qty: 1 Pack x 300 Wipes