Hygimax® Professional Couch Rolls 20`` Case of 12 x 50m

£23.99 (inc Vat)


Our Luxury 20" couch rolls are manufactured from only the best 100% pure virgin pulp. These couch rolls are 50.8cm (20 inches) wide and fit any standard couch. The rolls are perforated at 40cm intervals, giving enough paper for approximately 25 standard length couches. The finish is supersoft, absorbent and comfortable for patients and clients and will fit any standard couch. Each couch roll is individually wrapped for hygiene, and each CHSA quality standard approved roll is made in the UK. Ideal for covering medical and beauty couches where that little bit of extra quality is required. Essential everyday product for doctors , beauticians , chiropodists & tanning salons etc. Colour :Pure White. Sheet Size: 20 Inch (50cm) x 40cm Unit of Sale: 12 Rolls x 50 Metres 2 PLY.